The Best Foul Ball Seats

“Luck is the residue of opportunity and design”

-Branch Rickey

First, let’s state the obvious…the odds of catching a foul ball at a major league baseball game are small.

Perhaps because the odds are against us, the thrill of that souvenir is priceless.  This is particularly true if you are at the game with a child.  The unexpected ball becomes the memory of the day and is often treasured for years.

None of us are foolish enough to go to a MLB ballgame with the expectation of catching a foul ball.  However, by thinking carefully about where you sit, you can certainly increase odds in your favor.

For each ballpark listed on the right of this page, you will find a listing of seating sections where statistics and experience tell us foul balls are more likely to land.  Use this as a reference tool the next time you find yourself shopping for MLB game tickets.

This site is not really intended as a reference for ball hawks (those whose hobby is getting as many baseballs as possible.)  It is just intended as a useful guide for those who hope to increase their odds of catching a foul ball while enjoying a day at the park with their family or friends.

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